Seems like a good weekend to do Tofino
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Thread: Seems like a good weekend to do Tofino

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    Seems like a good weekend to do Tofino

    We'll say Saturday at 10oam. Meet at the Duncan Tim Hortons, we can pick up folks along the way. This weather is much too nice to sit around and shine in my rims!
    Or look at the sky..." dos it look a shade Gray to you Tom?"

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    If you really want to enjoy the ride, may I suggest leaving much earlier. Traffic is hell late morning to supper time. From 6 am to 10 am the road is almost your own and the sun is perfect at your back. Just my $.02 .
    Sorry I can't make this one, saving my money for Van trip (two weeks) to ride some interior roads.

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    Good call, we leave early then! We could say Duncan long as we get past Nanimo by 8ish we should be good.

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    Kurt the weather should be fine for you this time.... Seeing that I can't make it.

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