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    Wondering if some one could help me solve this little problem.
    I am trying to hook up a switch for the cooling fan so that I can manually control it. (The sensor is busted) I hooked up the ground and power wires and ran the power to the fuse box. (10amp fuse) The ground wire I hooked up to the battery. Now when I turn on the ignition and the switch is on the fan works like a dream, but when I turn the switch to the off position I blow the fuse!!? Can somebody explain what I am doing wrong?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Are you sure it's a single-pole single- or double-throw switch? Have you got it wired so that the switch shunts power to the fan when it's on but shunts it to ground when it's off?

    Is it a weird switch that you salvaged from something?

    Need more info


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    Are the sensors really that expensive that you'd prefer to go to all this trouble? not to mention having to deal with tidying up all the wiring.

    It might be wise just to not risk engine damage due to overheating and correct your insurance for the maintenance of the rest of the bike.

    Matt's pretty clever with gadgetry so i'm told....and yeah ...need the info.


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    Hey Matt,

    You were right questioning my wiring. The original wiring had a short in it and that was the part I had decided to re-use. Got it all working now.

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