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    Shorter Kick Stand

    I had my bike lowered by maybe an inch. The kickstand is now a bit too long (the bike almost sits vertical when I put her on the kickstand) .... do you know where I can get a shorter kickstand for an EX500? I guess I could call the local dealers but I thought I'd post it here just in case someone knew off hand.


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    I'm almost certain your stand is made from steel so I can cut it down and weld the little foot back on for ya.

    You can still use the center stand for a couple of days while I'm doing this.

    Best bet is to bring the bike over to my place and have Sherry make you a cup of tea while I do the dirty work. I'd like to roll the bike onto a couple of pads first to make sure I know how much to cut out.

    Bet ya don't get many offers like this........
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    Originally posted by BMatthews
    Bet ya don't get many offers like this........
    Nope...that's for sure. Thanks

    When would be a good time for you?

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