MOTRAX ROK Motorcycle Knee Slider - $50
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Thread: MOTRAX ROK Motorcycle Knee Slider - $50

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    MOTRAX ROK Motorcycle Knee Slider - $50

    MOTRAX ROK Motorcycle Knee Sliders
    Rok knee sliders have been developed by some of the worlds top racers both on track and road
    The density of the puck is like no other, its both hard (as Rok) giving great longevity and has a super feel with almost no drag
    This coupled with its thickness gives massive calue for money outlasting any other slider on the market
    This extra thickness also makes touch-down happen that fraction sooner
    Rok sliders use only the very best velcro to help ensure they stay firmly attached to you and not the road
    It is also stitched tight to the puck insuring no seperation there either
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