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    banana bike man

    Exclamation SportBike West >ticket purchase by PHONE<

    Hey Gang
    GOOD NEWS!! I have made arrangements with Vernon Motorsports to handle my credit card information

    What this means is that you can now call and give me the number over the phone [Email is no good for that] and get your ticket paid that way.
    This is the same as I've done in previous years.
    Your credit card will be billed from Vernon Cycle City [the old company name for Vernon MotorSports] for the price of your rally ticket.
    I'll leave the Paypal link up for now. I have my WEB Tech guru working up a secure page to take the card information on my site. This will eliminate the need to use PayPal completly.
    SO all you fence sitters that didn't like PP [I don't blame you either] can now call. IF you call BEFORE 2pm thurs to Tues you can even
    use the toll free # 800-762-5305 and get ME at work. Boss'l never know that way
    just DON'T call AFTER 2pm or on WEDNESDAY pUHlease.
    PS please don't call the dealership. Call me direct at 250 860-1261 or the above list number during the times specifiec
    see ya'll there.

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    You know what would've been sweet, is settin up a way to pay at Vernon Cyc. with interac.
    I keep meaning to mail you out a check, but it's just like how people procrastinate goin to the post office to drop off a letter, for what ever reason it is that causes you to do that.

    I know i'm goin to forget about it postin the funds, and miss the whole darn thing. *sigh*

    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
    – Albert Hubbard

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    banana bike man
    Good idea there rearwheelrider.
    I'll call them and see what they say. You could pay there and you could email me with the registration information. What would be the difference? You be in there store [good for them] and I'd still do the paper work.
    HEY just called them. Go in and pay there. Take your proof of payment and then email me the info. I'll have to verify the transaction with them [to prevent people just 'saying' they've paid on site] and you should be good to go.

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    Do you mail out the tickets? I paid on line a little while ago. What about T-shirt size? And, for that matter, do we get a ticket for the bike? Sorry for the questions but it will be my first time at SBW and I want to make sure that I have everything taken care of before we leave on Holidays for the month of August. See ya up there.

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    banana bike man
    Hey Islandgixxer

    Your name will be on the preregistered list. When you arrive you'll park and head to the prereg table. Gather your kit [tshirt, wrist band and such like that.]
    Your name will be automaticaly entered for all the door prize draws INCLUDING the ZX6rr.
    see you there

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