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    Best place to practice

    Where have you found the best places to practice. [Vancouver area]
    I'll keep it to a few skills, cause I'm sure different places are good for some skills and not so good for others.
    Knee draggin
    Stoppies[emergency braking]
    Corner braking

    Keep in mind that a good place should be safe and not have a lot of crap on the road [that includes stunned cagers]

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    knee draggin: the track
    emergency braking: empty parking lot
    corner braking: empty parking lot
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    I like the area around False Creek. There's a couple of big lots on both sides. Be careful, sometimes it's a busy area and the cops practice there too. I don't recommend pushing your luck. Guys get their knee down all the time at Cypress but that mountain has eaten a few riders and more bikes. There's space to piss around at the top lot to do everything and it's somewhat remote, just a bit dirty.

    Doing it legal all the way: Boundary Bay airport (stunt school) and West Coast Superbike School (ART - Advanced Racing Techniques)

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