Attn: Hu99, and any other Subaru guys
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Thread: Attn: Hu99, and any other Subaru guys

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    Attn: Hu99, and any other Subaru guys

    Hey Lloyd!

    Are you going to go to the Specialty Subaru Show and Shine on May 10th? It's at waterfront park in North the Lonsdale Quay, on the waterfront. (duh!) I just got an email from Stephen Hyndman advertising the event.

    I was going to PM you, but I figured I'd check if there are any other Subaru lovers in here. There should be a lot of sweet cars there...maybe I'll actually get to see another SVX!

    So any one else in here drive a Subie???

    My next car WILL be an Impreza WRX Wagon. (just need to finish school and get a real job)
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    Nope, not going to the Show & Shine. I went to a couple of Impreza Club events last year, but it always gets me thinking about speding money I don't have on fancy wheels etc.

    I saw an SVX yesterday in White Rock that was in mint condition. The guy had two huge tail pipes on it and it wailed like an old Porsche 917 at Le Mans
    What was it all about?

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    I loved my Subaru (87 AWD Wagon) for years and would love to get a newer one! These days the rust is everywhere, and she is running a bit rough, but overall the car has been very dependable.

    I am not going to the Show n Shine either, I cannot afford a new car and it just makes me jealous seeing all these cars in the show then seeing them on the road being driven by some lucky bastard!

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