cbr 900rr electrical not working
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Thread: cbr 900rr electrical not working

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    cbr 900rr electrical not working

    SO I have been rebuilding this bike for a while, and it now runs, but none of the electrical stuff seems to work, including the turn signals and instrument cluster. I checked the fuses, and everything apears to be connected. does anyone have any ideas?

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    I think the key word here is "appears". Obviously it isn't.

    Do you have the bike wireing diagram, a voltmeter or little light tester and some knowledge in how to follow the diagram?

    If so you need to start at the battery and follow each wire through all the switches and other points with the meter and just eliminate each possible point until you find the problem. It may be a bad switch, a corroded connector or an internally broken wire.

    The fact that it runs means that about 1/2 the stuff IS working so you can start with what isn't. Like a cutoff relay that holds the lights off until the engine starts or something like that. But you need that diagram to know what's on your bike and how it's supposed to work in the first place.

    Look over the diagram and try to find points, wires, or connectors that are common to all the non functioning systems and check those first. Assume nothing. Every switch and connector needs to be checked for voltage at both the input and output and under load. A corroded connection can pass enough voltage to read as OK until you try to turn on the item and then the currect draw sucks the voltage down to nothing.
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