yamaha fz-ri 1989
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Thread: yamaha fz-ri 1989

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    yamaha fz-ri 1989

    i saw in the buy and sell this bike any one know much about? good bad? how it handles wight? any imfo would be good or any pics you find of it.. i think it looks sweet id like to get it.

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    oop ment fz-r1

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    Umm, huh? Do you mean FZR1000? Apparently they are pretty powerful barges, not that I've ridden one or anything. lol

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    no, I think I saw this in teh buy&sell as well. Its an FZR600, but it has the R1 tail section from Airtech. There is acutally a full kit from them, but I'm pretty sure that this particular bike only has the tail peice. Nice looking bike. Not a bad price for it. Can't hurt to check it out.
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    Check with Sailor-I'm not sure what year his is but he beats the hell out of it and it still goes. I had an FZR1000 and it was good at the time-nothing compared to new bike technology though. Most new riders aren't going to be able to "outride" it for awhile anyway so you might save some money. Added bonus, lots of used parts if anything does happen.

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    ya thats the one the 600cc with the r1 tail i think it looks sweet i need more imfo on it

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