2003 Honda VFR (written off) intact, or I'll part out $2250 complete
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Thread: 2003 Honda VFR (written off) intact, or I'll part out $2250 complete

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    2003 Honda VFR (written off) intact, or I'll part out $2250 complete

    I would prefer to sell the complete bike, but will considering parting out my Canadian 2003 Honda VFR 800 w/ABS. It has approximately 50,000 kms on it and has been an excellent vehicle. It has had synthetic oil and a new filter every 5,000kms. Brakes replaced about 4500km ago. Coolant replaced about 3000km ago.

    In all photos, the bodywork and seat are removed while I clean and sort parts to transfer to my 2006. If sold intact, the bike will be complete.

    The bike was written off in a rear-end collision and my hopes of putting it back on the road have not translated into action.

    The motor is strong and consumes no oil. The front end is completely intact. The titanium Leo Vince exhaust is marked on the right cannister, but intact (and I LOVE the sound). I have both replacement right side footpeg brackets and a taillight assembly.

    The bodywork is rough. The windscreen is not attached and one mounting point needs to be re-epoxied (I left it off because without the screen, it's far quieter for me on the highway). The luggage hardware is bent beyond saving. Both right side footpeg brackets were broken. The heat shield on the exhaust is completely loose (circled in the photo). The headers and oil cooler lines have corrosion. The rear tire is a relatively new PR4, but it’s plugged and has a 6psi/week leak. The front is a Michelin of unknown age (it is from my 2006). I have a second rear tire that came with the 2006 and I’ll gladly throw it in.

    I have a spare set of (used) left and right panels that are included. Replacement right side footpeg brackets and taillight assemply are included. I also have the stock exhaust which you are welcome to.

    Possibly bad and why I am considering parting:
    When I went to remove the R&G frame sliders, I could not convince the bolt that replaces the front engine mount to slide out. That's never been an issue, so I am thinking that the frame may have been bent when impact occurred.

    More images are here.
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