KTM and Moto GP 2016
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Thread: KTM and Moto GP 2016

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    looks to me like the love child of a Honda and a Ducati. Trellis frame, 90 degree V4. regular sprung valve train, sans pneumatics which didn't work for Honda so I guess we'll see. The big question in my mind is whether it actually makes to the grid and for how long. KTM has always shown interest in Motogp but always gets scared away with the cost and we are still a long way off from when it is supposed to hit the grid in 2017.
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    Can't make the power they will need with sprung valves. I bet the valvetrain will be upgraded. Unless they are using valve loft, but that is... a dark art as I understand it. I think.

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    ^^^ I didn't know what "valve loft" was till I went to Wikipedia, but now I do. Weird! That then led me to "pneumatic valves", which contains this perhaps relevant quote: "In 2005, Team Roberts was the first to use pneumatic valves full-time in their uncompetitive KTM powered bike." Twists of history?
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