saturday night!
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    saturday night!

    started out so good! me and my buddy tyler went to the liquor store to get a bottle of crown and a case of those new bavarias.We get to my place and started devourng the bottle, and smoking some romeo julietas cigars. It was all good, so we decide to go to a party and my buddy who wasn't drinking as much as me decides to drive there. The fucking truck runs on propane and it runs out at some church. So we can't fill it cause we got no ways to take it there. So we walk back to my place in the rain to pick up my car. We get a block and clutch fucking goes! and 2 cops are beside the truck were all our beer and the rest of the bottle is , including some other goodies . we have to go back to my place again and get a ride. we finally got a ride from a buddy to pick everything up and go to the party! what a fucking mess i was! so thats my story for the weekend do you have one?

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    Mmm... Romeo Y Julietta... I've got a RyJ Churchill waiting for the right day to smoke it.

    Cubano + single-malt == heaven


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    Mmmm cigars.
    My stock is dwindling. At last check (yesterday) I have only five Cohiba robustos, one H. Upmann, five Romeo y Juliet churchills, four Cuban Montecristos and one Dominican Romeo y Julieta churchill left!!
    I need to stock up!
    Otherwise, my weekend was fine:
    Started off with taking off work early Friday to go to the bikini car wash at RMS.
    Saturday, went for a brief ride before getting rained on.
    Sunday, more rain, no riding, lots of beer, watching Laguna Seca races with Stickman and five loads of laundry.
    Ohh the excitement of living alone!
    Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield
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