Spring Cross Country Driving Suggestions
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Thread: Spring Cross Country Driving Suggestions

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    Spring Cross Country Driving Suggestions


    So I've decided to plan a cross country trip to the Maritimes next spring. So after the spring thaw, May to June most likely. My hope is to get a beater that will get me there and sell it for a plane ticket home.

    I have about 7 to 10 weeks of holiday I can take. There are some places I want to visit along the way but with that much time I figure I can take the snails pace and still have time left over.

    I haven't picked a route but because I want to visit places in Alberta and Saskatchewan, I think I'll be staying north of the 49th parallel. A friend may join me in Toronto but for the most part, it'll be myself and maybe my dog. So I'm open to suggestions for places to go.

    So I'm on the lookout for a decent beater that can at least get me an economy ticket home. A first class ticket would be great but I'm not picky. I pack light so something that can seat 2 people, a couple of backpacks and camping gear would do.

    Is it crazy? Yeah. Mid-life crisis? Most likely. But my wife is telling me to do it so what the hey.
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    Take a Ural with a sidecar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    Take a Ural with a sidecar.
    I've actually seriously looked at one for the gf, dog, and I. For ~$20k, somewhat ridiculous for 1950's technology. Would be a better bet to get an old SUV or van and camperize the damn thing.

    Fotura, check out all the wonderful lakes in Ontario, so many beautiful areas between Thunder Bay and Manitoba. Look forward to your report, best of luck with your travels!

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    Go for a minivan and sleep in the back. Soend your time sightseeing and not packing shit uo and down every day. Sounds like an awesome trip.

    Quebec City is a must
    Niagara Falls
    Hockey Hall of Fame
    By June there might be some cool concerts or events at Magnetic Hill in Moncton to plan around.
    I hear the Gaspe Peninsula is fantastic
    Plan a few days for PEI for sure
    Blue Jays game
    A day at Canadas Wonderland
    Parliament Hill and the War museum in Ottawa
    CN tower
    The town of Lunenbourg is cool to visit
    Lots to do in Halifax. Maritime Museum, Alexander Keiths Brewery. Much much more there.

    I will think of more I'm sure.

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    All good suggestions above. Gaspe IS fantastic, brush up on a bit of French. Go slow see
    What you want. Buddy and I did the same thing, except we drove there and back, in a 63 Buick in 73 or 74.. Quebec was great with neither one of us speaking a word
    Of French. . Remember ordering at an A&W by pointing to the menu... And some kid yelling "coolant" "coolant" you gotta imagine that in French, when old faithful boiled over for the umpteenth time.
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    Go for it. I did a cross-Canada motorcycle ride in 2014, I left the day I turned 40.

    It's good you have places in Alberta and Saskatchewan to visit. I had friends I visited in Calgary and Winnipeg that made those two cities extra fun. Also I had family outside of Toronto that I hadn't seen in forever, which was great to visit. If you have any friends or family along the way take this as the perfect opportunity to connect with them.

    Gaspe Peninsula around Perce is beautiful - no cell service when I needed it with Rogers - only Bell.

    I really enjoyed St. John's, if you're going all the way to the Maritimes make sure to do the ferry trip across to Newfoundland it's better there than I expected.

    Maybe look for an old pick-up truck, that way you can throw a bike in the back to enjoy a ride now and then. Although all the good rides are in BC.

    Adjust your plans instead of flying home when you're done. After riding the whole way across Canada I rode down the Eastern States and back home to Vancouver through the US. I'd recommend it too.
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    Inbetween bikes now. Thanks for bringing up bad feelings.
    Great ideas. I plan on visiting a lot of places from my past in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Visit friends and family in Ontario.

    Gaspe was highly recommended by several people. I plan on doing the tourist route through Quebec because I've never been to that province before.

    I'm also thinking of driving through New England and then back to Canada to fly home.

    I want to do the states along Route 66 the following year.

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    man I wish I had that kinda vacation time. I would say spend most of your time in Quebec
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    http://www.pashnit.com/forum/showthr...e-road/page103 Maybe this particular post will show up. Of course you are not going to leave and come back 10 years later, are you? I have probably post his blog in the past. I know it's not about a Spring road trip. Sorry if I ripped your thread/post. As I ride less, and not at all, I admire those out there that have no time line, or specific destinations, and there trips just morph into interesting blogs, books, photos, etc. I travelled one time for 5 years and many of those countries I couldn't go to now, or areas of the country I wouldn't go to. Have a fun road trip.
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