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    tire question

    will there be any problem with running a d208 on the rear of my bike (an 01 F4i) with a d207 front?
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    tire ?

    I ran a 207 on the front and a 208 on the rear of my gix750...no problems.....RMS told me it should be alright for street use


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    I know there are a few TL owners that try the BT 010 front and BT 020 combo. It's a stickier front tyre and a harder rear tire because Twin's or any high torque bikes will eat rears at roughly twice the pace as it will go through fronts.

    I don't think you'll notice any problems on the street.
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    i have use Rennsport front (DOT) and Michelin rear (Slick) !

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    i've ran a 207 front and 204 rear before, also running a rennsport front and supercorsa rear, but those 2 tires are identical anyways.
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    Pretty much any bike should eat back tires twice as fast as fronts. Unless your talking little scooters and shit.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    As long as the profiles are identical you can run any combo. If the profiles are not identical your front is gonna want to do one thing while your back is doing another. That usually means the bike will want to dive more then usual when leaned over. I am talking from experience. I almost killed myself with combo tires.
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    From what I've seen of my old 207's and the new 208's on my track bike they are very close to the same shape. So there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

    If you're doing track days though you'll want a matched pair. For street riding at even hard "street" pace I wouldn't worry about it.
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