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    Question which bike for me?

    Hi, future rider here, i know im going to get a bike within the next few months (after i take action motorcycle school) i just dont know what kind of bike. Id like to get a sportbike but i think that my size limits the kind of bike i could ride comfortably.

    Sportbike or cruiser, id be happy either way... i think everyone knows they'd prefer to drive a sportbike though . I am 6'4 240lbs ... not exactly small but i was thinking after i finish action, either buying a SV650 or 1000S, i have some previous riding experience (just offroad and not alot by any means) but im confident i can ride a bike fine right now, after action i will have much more confidence im bettin. other bikes id like to get would be a GSXR750, which would be my first choice... but i havent had a chance to go to any dealers and check out how comfortable id be on the bikes yet, so this is where u guys come in.

    ill be buying a bike after i finish action, which bike would be the best for me?? (6'4 240lb). some of the bikes that im most interested in would be the sv650/100s tl1000s and TLR1000. also the yamaha FZ1000 (i think?? looks like the sv1000). i know this is alot of bike for a begginer, so ill most likely be starting off with a 650 or so, but it wouldnt hurt to have the extra power to lug the weight around .

    sry for the length, any responses apreciated.


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    Get yourself to a dealer and sit on the bikes. If a lot of your 6'4" is leg, some of the more "sporting" rides may be uncomfortable for you.

    Looking at your list, the Yamaha FZ-1 would probably be the most comfortable for someone your size, but it could be a lot of bike for a beginner. The SV is a great little bike--I'm 6'2" and found it fairly comfortable and entertaining enough, but I suspect that your weight will tax the stock suspension. I'd also consider looking at used VFR 750's and 800's. My VFR was the first bike I put any serious mileage on after my rider training, and I managed to avoid dropping it during 100000+kms of ownership. (haven't been so lucky with my new bike--but that's another story)

    You'll find multiple threads on this site offering opinions re: "best new bike". A big part of your decision should involve an honest appraisal of your ability to restrain yourself while you're learning and improving your skills. Good luck.
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    Those bikes that you listed are great. I would lean towards the tillers. All bikes will feel small to you, as was already said, go check out a dealership and try out a bunch of bikes and see how they feel. Judging by your size, cc's probably won't become a big issue. Go with what feels good. I love the gixxer 750 but it has a fairly aggressive riding position. It could still work.

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    thanks for the advice fellas, greatly apreciated

    i guess its just as i thought, im not gonna know until i go myself and test out some bikes at a dealership, but thanks for the insight

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    The SV650S was my previous bike before my FZ1 (current bike). The reason I changed bikes was because my SV was stolen.

    The FZ1 is the better bike for me, both in comfort and riding style. I am 6' 225 lbs + gear and find the FZ1 very comfortable (thanks in part to my Corbin seat). The SV was good too, but not as comfortable for long rides, and my knees and legs took some pain from being so tight.

    For most beginners, the FZ1 is too much bike. The SV650 is a great first bike for most. If you feel cramped, I think a set of bar risers is available? But they won't be cheap

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