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Thread: winXP in chinese

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    winXP in chinese

    i installed it for my dad, and now i dont know what the hell is going on! sure, i know the obvious stuff that i use often, but other than that, im lost. my cuz says that i can just install winXP in english and when i install officeXP, there are lots of language options that i can choose from that will make the desktop and menus in chinese, but i can still switch it back to eng whenever i need to get in to fix it. is there truth to this?

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    Erm... from what I know, there are IME's you can install... which basically make it so that you can read and input other languages, but the menus and stuff will still be English...

    I had the same problem with Chinese Win98SE when I tried installing it for my parents... couldn't understand anything. -_-

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