zzr250 and ex250
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    zzr250 and ex250

    How long has ZZR250 been around in Canada? Was there another 250 model prior to the ZZR?

    I was looking for parts (headlight bracket fairing) on the internet and came across some early 90s zzr250s from Austrialia and Asia, which all look exactly the same as my bike!

    Now, the way it was explained to me by a salesman, the ex250 evolved into zzr250 in the late 90s. ZZR is the "new" ninja 250 model which has many improvements over the ex250... blah blah blah.

    Have I fallen into a pool of horse shit?

    Can the Kawa-experts/historicans clarify this for me? Thanks.

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    they are essentially the same bike. slight styling differences throughout the years but the bike is basically the same.

    Name got upgraded to "ZZR" but its the same bike. Newer restyled full fairing is reminiscent of a bigger bike.

    Improvements? Well.. it looks nicer, if you consider that.

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    Here's roughly how it goes.

    I believe the "newer" Ninja 250 was first brought to Canada in 2000 or 2001 if I'm correct. In Canada they're just known as Ninja 250's but overseas they've had this bike for a long time... Early 90's is my guess. It's the EXACT same bike but it's called a ZZR over there. The difference between the new Ninja 250 (ZZR) and the old Ninja 250 (EX) is mostly just style. I believe the engine is pretty much the same. The subframe also looks the same at first glance... I used to own an EX and my friend recently bought a ZZR for his gf so I had a chance to do a quick comparison.

    If you go to www.ninja250.net you can find some more information on the difference. The site is based in the states however and the states never got the ZZR... I believe some of the members there are a little bitter and jealous... Saying that the new ZZR actually handles worse than the EX which they still have ^_^

    Hope this all helps you a bit...
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    I've always thought that the ZZR was the japanese name for the 250, and the EX was the ENGRISH name over here for the 250.
    I think someone told me that when I was wondering the difference.

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    It is currently called the ZZ-R250 in Canada, just like it has been for the last 10 years in Europe/Asia/Australia.

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