should i get it fixed?
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Thread: should i get it fixed?

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    Angry should i get it fixed?

    I put my bike down awhile ago and got all the scratches fixed and bought a new lever and mirror so it looks like it did before i crashed it. well heres the kicker one day when i was polidhing it up i took a step back and checked the bike out and realized that i might have bent the front forks just abit. it really isnt that bad but one thing ive learned about bikes is that small things matter so im just wondering if i should go get it fixed or would i be just fine riding it just the way it is.

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    i'd say get it looked at to see if its actually bent and make a choice
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    Get it checked out by a shop. Sometimes the forks just get twisted in the triple clamps. The front end isn't really something to mess around with though. There could be something seriously wrong if there was a hard impact.

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    well's like really comes down to how much you value your life.

    If you have any sort of desire to keep your self in one peice with a workin ticker.....then i'd say "yeah", get it checked out.

    That is..unless you'd rather be the subject of yet another "rip" thread?

    (get 'er checked out 'eh)

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    alright thanks alot guys really appreciate it and rear ill try not to end up as another rip, alright thanks again

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    ya, why not get it checked out and fixed just for safety reasons, not alot when it could save your life

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