Do you need a co-signer for Bike License?
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Thread: Do you need a co-signer for Bike License?

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    Do you need a co-signer for Bike License?

    Do you need a co-signer for a Bike License if you are under 19 and have your Class 5? Im 18 and want to get my license... Got my Class 5 but dont have a co-signer.

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    this is b.c drivers link hope this helps ya..

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    Hmmm, if I just keep saying that my dad is in New York for work and wont be back for 3 months and I am basically on my own with my sister. Does that qualify to living without parents?

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    not if u're over 19. I heard ICBC will change their polices regarding licensing. I think they're gonna do the graduated licensing program like they did for cages. So, u better get ur stuff together soon.
    Hope this helps.
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    I got mine when i was 18 w/o anyone signing anything. It was right after I got rear ended 30 seconds into my class 5 road test
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