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    Angry Need Info on Int'l Motorcycles

    I purchsaed my 1999 CBR600F4 from International Motorcycles in 1999, just a few months before they went under. I had purchased a separate loss of work insurance policy through them to cover my bike payments should I find myself unemployed during the loan period.
    Well, as fate would have it, I got laid off in 2002, and would like to be able to make a claim on this policy, but International is gone, and between myself and my financial institution, I have been unable to locate the third party insurer's information. I'm sure that whoever inherited Wally's information from the business would have it, and I would like to track it down. If anyone knows who now holds those records, or is in contact with any of the guys who used to work there, please have them contact me.
    It's not a great deal of money, but I am a bit pissed that I paid for a service that I am not getting from a local dealer.

    Thanks a bunch, and If I am able to get anything out of this, I'd be happy to toss in for a coulpe of pitchers of "Cool Aid" after a ride one day!

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    Wally's at Holeshot in Langley. Think he's the Sales Manager.

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    Thanks to you

    Thanks to you, I got in touch with Wally, and got the info I needed.
    Mucho Apreciato!

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