Silverstar Bulbs vs Piaa?
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Thread: Silverstar Bulbs vs Piaa?

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    Silverstar Bulbs vs Piaa?

    I’ve been trying to find opinions on the Sylvania Silverstar bulbs. Things that I’m trying to figure out are cost and quality. Some guys have had problems with Piaa’s due to burning out (not sure if they touched the glass). On, some guys like the silverstars better than the piaa’s. The big plus in the Sylvania web site is that these bulbs are supposedly cheaper than piaa’s. I’ve found them for $75/ pair locally. Is that cheaper than what the piaa’s can be had for?

    Anyone use these bulbs?

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    For the Piaa's try the Import car shop in metropolis. I think they had Piaa's for cheaper. I do know they have them for bikes. I bought a set of the blueish ones. The piaa bulbs though I believe require you to upgrade your wiring for them, so that may have been why they burnt out. Wires could have melted. But try that shop in metropolis, if you don't want to go all that way, phone them , and see if they have any other stores in different malls.

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