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    Translink's newest Fumble

    Word that the service life of tolling equipment on the Golden Ears is done. $5 million, so that means at least $7 million. At least a million a year for a bunch of cameras, great!

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    And the only reason that bridge makes as much $ as it does, is that they don't offer the monthly pass option that the PM bridge gets. So a daily commuter will pay ~$130/m on the GE, and (iirc) ~$70/m on PM.
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    six-and-a-half years old, yep i hate to say it but with the use that system likely sees some cameras are likely already falling apart or the technology has just jumped so far ahead
    there is no point keeping around due to high costs of service required. we're upgrading similar technology in several locations across the lower mainland as we speak as its not just
    cameras but DVR machines that see plenty of use, everything from hard drives to actual boards on the DVRs themselves breaks down.. analog HD cctv technology has come a long way

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