How many bike accidents?

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  • I Have been in an accident and still ride

    46 43.40%
  • I Have been in an accident and stopped after

    0 0%
  • I Have been in one accident

    18 16.98%
  • I Have been in two accident

    18 16.98%
  • I Have been in three accident

    10 9.43%
  • I Have been in four accident

    3 2.83%
  • I Have been in five accident

    3 2.83%
  • I Have been in six accident

    2 1.89%
  • I have mutant powers and cant die from accidents

    26 24.53%
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Thread: How many bike accidents?

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    How many bike accidents?

    Sorry since I am new to this board, I do not know if this topic has been covered,

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    You gotta lean into it! Array InvisibleSoul's Avatar
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    Since I've barely started riding, zero accidents.
    But you might want to define what an accident is... just dropping the bike? Lowsiding it in a corner? Hitting a car?

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    Entertainment Poster Guy Array rearwheelrider's Avatar
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    05 750 gixxer (no,seriously)
    I bit it once where i laid the bike down. bruise my ankle. that was as bad as it was.

    You guys nearly lost me though about three months ago...

    i was tearin along the westside rd with "goose" and i came upon a hard corner at about 110 and there was this patch of sand a foot wide about 10 feet long.
    the bike went into a wobble...kinda like your knees after a shag.
    i slid over to the edge of the road and saw how far it was down....god must've been there, cuz two minutes later on down the road i was like "holy fuck ...I'm ALIVE....I'm ALIIIIIIVE"

    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
    – Albert Hubbard

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    Started off on the motorcycle school of hard knocks and graduated through an advanced class of drinking & riding, graduating with a DWI. Since then it's been a kinder, gentler throttle hand with very few accidents, but I did get to write off one and a half bikes this year. Throughout it I've never had anything really bad happen, thanks to my mutant powers of stubborness. Just too dumb to stop.

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    i've never been into a accident that involved anybody else, just me, 2 single vehicle accidents, both lowsides with scratched up fairings.
    BCSB- Moderator

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    Addicted to two wheels Array rscudiver's Avatar
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    Nothing on the road ...yet...knock wood. Off road racing...tons. Last one at Mission raceway. Looped out over a double-triple 80 foot jump. Broke 3 vertibae, compressed one by 50%, broke my tailbone, broke my collar bone and punctured a lung. Result......Two weeks in hospital....4 months titanium body brace and a load of S#@t from my mom to give up MX so I went back to street with my ZX9R to keep me grounded.
    If anyone here wants to know the ins and outs of broken back stuff, give me a call. Been there done that....not doin' it again. I know what it feels like (or doesn't feel like) to be paralized since I was for two days!

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    Master of Puppets Array Cometman's Avatar
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    Just one low-speed get off in a corner. In too fast for my ability and comfort level, I panicked and stood up on the brakes. Jumped off the bike before I rode it down into a ditch. Fixed up the bike and traded up to my new ride, which I don't plan to crash.

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    Hmmm........lets see,1.hit a boat(on the trailer).Me and a car who was pulling a boat were coming up to a short passing lane,I got up close so that I could zip by quickly.Bad move,I didn`t see the dog that ran out in front of the car(because I was too close),car nailed brakes,I had no where to go,clipped the back of the boat and went down.This happened at about 80kph,I was just bruised and the bike was somewhat ridable.Forks were twisted(bent) so much so as I was going straight,the bars were at a 30 degree angle .

    2.Following a buddy through Silver Creek(Salmon Arm,1982) at night quickly.He knew the road very well,I did not.I woke up in the back of a police cruiser,my back hurt like hell everytime I took a breath.I went off a left hand corner,with the bottom of the ditch about 2 ft below the road surface then it went up into a big sandy bank.My bike(`82 Yamaha 750 Seca) was about 6 ft up,it was pointing the way I had just come and the gas tank was facing down.I got a ride to Salmon Arm hospital that night in an ambulance.

    3.I just had a new rear tire(Metzler ME99A perfect) put on and was leaving the dealership(North Shore Suzuki-1989),was turning west(left)onto Marine.Was only going maybe 10kph as I felt the back end swing to the right then the left then the right at which point it threw me down hard on the right.Again I was just bruised.I`m sure the ppl waiting at the traffic light at Main&Mountain got a good show .

    I know that IF I had taken a riding course when I got my license,I could have avoided these little adventures.

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    Just Another Enthusiast Array vrecksler's Avatar
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    1. Mini van ran a red light on Expo Blvd and destroyed my then brand new bike. It took a year to recover from injuries and another two years to have the money (and guts) to get back in the saddle.

    2. Driving home from UBC, I went to pass a car on SW Marine by Gate 7 (double solid line) and they decided to turn left with no signal. I did not go down or do any damage to my bike, but my right footpeg made a mark in the car's bumper. No claim, I paid it off.

    3. Riding to the gym and a car runs a stops sign, we rubbed just enough for me to go down. Just a couple scratches on my DRZ, a couple scrapes on me, no worries and no claim.

    B-r-a-d-l-e-y...Why? Because I'm Bradley!


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    Eh Muh Gawd Becky!! Array Purplekawi's Avatar
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    i went down in a snow storm on ice. left my place it was +6 and no snow and crested the top of the hill on Canada Way to go down to Gilmore and all of a sudden there's snow and ice and the Gixxers goes left right left and down. i was only going about 20K but the bike slid on the ice almost down to the bottom. second was turning off Oakland and someone had laid down some sort of brown stuff mid corner. slow low side. all my other crashes have been on a controlled track with professional riders
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    bastardizer Array HotWheels's Avatar
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    none, till the boys are older
    does leaving the disc lock on count as an accident.....or just stoopid human tricks?
    If it's the latter, I'm stoopid 3 times over. But that was my first year of riding. So that would be stoopid nooby tricks right?
    "...than I'll be done and we can dance.."

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    Livin' la Vida Loca Array Devon's Avatar
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    You Betcha!
    low speed lowside avoiding a Jeep in an ally. Low speed lowside on cold tires and 5 degrees outside, but sunny and chicks on the corner (I was real inpressive with the ladies that day....). I was wearing a 460 lbs Hurricane 600 on my ankle. Trying to avoid a Red Light camera on Nordel, I slid on a wet painted STOP lines on the road. That took the skin off my knees slightly. High speed lowside on the Mt Seymore climb. 2K ZX9-R is a write off. while loking for parts dowm the hill, I find th remains of a Gixxer 1000 that crashed a week previous on the exact same lumpy section of pavement. But i'll admit, ..... i panicked. Lowside avoiding a lady in a Civic. Burned up a Joe Rocket ballistic jacket & pants, at only 60 kph. But the bike comes back with body colored & polished rims, mirrors and a V&H S4 exhaust w/ jet kit, 15 tooth sprocket. No charge.
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    2: Lowside gravel, Lowside stupid.

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    Three hospital visits, all were the fault of the guy in the 4wheel cage yet really they were my fault.

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    Never been in an accident that involved more than me.

    As for that, i've laid the bike down on the road once. *knock on wood*

    Was on the highway about an hour outside Penticton, and needed gas. Was getting desperate, and finally saw a sign saying "Gas -->" So of course, I get off the highway, and head towards the gas station. First thing I notice, the roads are a little dirty. Ok, fine, I can deal with that. Speed limit 60, me 50. I'm getting to the point where I can see the roof of the building around the next bend when I spot a patch of gravel in the middle of the road. Target-fixate on it, and despite a valiant effort to steer inside it, I went in and down. Fortunately, I managed to bring my speed down from 50 to about 30 before I hit the gravel, so I ended up with minimal damage to me and the bike. Worst part was, I was about 100-150 feet from my destination.

    Day before that, I was on the highway. between Prince George and Kamloops. Nice clean double-lane road. Going round a corner doing about 110 or so... (speed limit) and all of a sudden, I feel a bump, and the front of the bike begins to shake. I manage to get off the road without going down, and after bringing my heart rate back down to normal, I head back to find out what I ran over. You know those ladders on the back of campers? It was the side bar to one of those, lying crossways across the entire lane. I threw it off into the bush as a service to the future riders of that stretch of highway.

    Last summer, doing a sunshine coast ride with Harps. Going up from Vancouver to Powell River, the peninsula was great. Coming back, one corner we knew was clean, had oil pickup spread all over it. We're doing about 120 or so, no time to stop. So instead we swung wide into the other lane, and went around it. Pulled over a few hundred feet later to recover.

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