Engine conversion info - admins plez dont move
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Thread: Engine conversion info - admins plez dont move

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    Engine conversion info - admins plez dont move

    So i found both 600 and 750 engines for my 97 GSX-R 600. I figured if im gonna buy a new engine...id like to pop a 750 in there. Before i go and buy the engine..i wanna know if it can be done. I know it bolts right in, but are the carbs and airbox and plugs all the same? or am i gonna have to buy a new set of carbs etc?? Also what about the size of the gas tank? same size? I know the rev limiter will be diff since the 600's rev higher than the 750's. Anyways...so if anyone knows for SURE if it can be done...please post up.or PM me..cuz if its possible...jus droppint he engine and hookin everything up, im gonna go ahead and pick up the 750 engine. Thanx guys.

    admins plez dont move this. no one replied in the tech section and i need an answer by today so i can go pick up the engine tomorrow. thanx guys.

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    Go ask at gixxer.com. I think the swap is fairly straight-forward, but don't take my word for it as I have never done it.

    As always though, YMMV.

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    Ryan ,buddy...damn you change your mind alot.

    I know you're dyin to put in a 750 engine BUT...want to get back on the road within hours andnot be nickled and dimed?
    drop the bloody 6 in there already.

    Yes the carbs are diff, along with other things you'll come across.

    As you already know, my thoughts are to put in the 6.
    i'm only saying this cuz i've gone through this kinda situation.
    it's not fun, it's costly and at the end of it you say "damn, i shoulda gone with the original".

    If you want...i'm comin down to the 604 two weeks from now.
    pick up the six and i'll come over and help you drop this bitch in and booyah, you'll be stylin in no time.


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