Kevlar suits??
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Thread: Kevlar suits??

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    Lightbulb Kevlar suits??

    Has anyone had any experience with kevlar stuff, like jackets, pants, racing suits? As i am interested in investing on one.thx

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    I don't that there any kevlar suits. Most textile riding gear is nylon or polyester, which are much more abrasion resistant than kevlar.

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    the one i am looking at comes from this web site: - under jackets

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    CaliDave, the person who visited here from San Francisco last month, has one of those Motoport suits. It looks good. The outershell is an armoured hi-airflow kevlar mesh with inner liners for waterproofing and warmth. Wearing just the kevlar shell was supposedly like "riding in just a t-shirt and jeans". And the inner linings also work as claimed by the makers. Nice suit except for the price. Think he paid close to US$ 1000 for it. Might wanna consider an Aerostich suit. Little less money and just as functional (perhaps even a bit better)

    edit: BTW, the one-piece Aerostich and the old Motoport Kevlar suits are approved for trackdays by most organisers. Don't know if the new Motoport kevlar mesh shell will be.
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    Apparently they're the dog's bollochs.

    my jacket says it's got kevlar in it...but i've felt the military protective vests....that stuff is hard and weighs like 60 pounds! i'm pretty sure all it is is a kevlar weave in synthetic material.

    Still not bad stuff though...not like you need it to be as dense, cuz you're not tryin to stop a bullet....unless that rob banks on your bike

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    kurt, i have their GP1 suit, which is the one piece 2 layer kevlar suit. it fits much like leathers: pretty tight. obviosuly it depends on how they cut it, mine is a bit tight, but technically that's the best fit in the case of a crash. i actually did go down in it last september. worked well. went down at between 80 and 100, slid to a stop on pavement. suit held up fine. didnt get hot either, as iv' so often heard is a problem with kevlar. didnt even go thru the first layer of kevlar, just the outer skin of lycra (ibeleive thats what it is) was worn away. if u happen to come to vancouver i'd be glad to show it to u. it was a clearance model (solid colour), so including the extra fee for cusomizing it to my exact measurements, it came to ~$500US. not bad IMHO. but i did just look at their site & see the regular price has increased to $999. ouch. was $649 regular price before i believe. regular price only applied to solid black i believe.

    yes it does breath VERY well. the armour definitely gets in the way of the airflow tho. without the armour u'd almost feel naked. armour is very generous, both in terms of construction & amount of coverage. i have a couple fitment problems, but thats something that could be dealt with by getting a pro to take ur measurements (i did it myself. bad idea). ideally i'd wanna go to their store in cali & have it fit onsite, but thats prolyl not an option.

    RWR, definitely not the same idea as military or police issue kevlar. the fabric is a VERY loose weave and it's only 2 single layers, whereas the bullitproof stuff is 20 layers or thereabouts. prolyl a tighter weave too. it is woven with lycra & some cordura (i think), so ur description is spot on.

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    nevermind, it's not actually $999US. that's list, but they still sell the non-clearance colours at $690US.

    oh, and it has treated me pretty well in the wet too. altho it's hardly waterproof, u dont really seem to feel the rain much. i think because it breaths so well, it dries out almost immediately. rode thru some intermittent light to heavy rain on a 2+ hour ride back from seattle earlier this year & never felt wet or cold even tho i jsut had a couple tshirts underneith.

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