Road Racing Rounds 2-3
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Thread: Road Racing Rounds 2-3

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    Road Racing Rounds 2-3

    The next two rounds of the WMRC / MotoEvents BC Road Race series are July 26 - 27 at Mission Raceway.
    Go to or for more.

    Come see the "Dick" make up for a poor tire choice in some odd weather.

    Each day is a separate race, so $10 admission for each day. This will be hotly contested as there is one more round in Oct. We expect a strong contingent from the US and Alberta as well.

    Record Indy and come watch the real racing.

    Volunteers always welcome.

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    and see if old guys on small bikes can go fast!!!!

    on the bike.... not on the track going down the front straight....

    beside the bike......

    once every 7 years they say.....


    two wheel racing suits me over the four wheels.


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    I will see you there andii, I hope it's sunny as I still don't have rain tyres...but I am looking forward to the weekend...

    anyone know whether we will be allowed to camp in the pit for the night ?

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