Ducati’s Panigale is one of the most desirable sportbikes on the road today. Even the smallest Panigale, the new 959, is sexy and fast, and there’s plenty more where that comes from in the forms of the monstrously powered 1299 and wickedly exotic 1199R. But what do you do when those levels of sexy and fast and exotic just ain’t enough anymore?

There’s just one step up to make and it’s a steep one. Presenting the Panigale Superleggera, a moto moon shot that stretches the bounds of what’s possible from a production sportbike. Its name is Italian for super light, and Ducati has employed every possible weight-saving tactic to create a 1200cc motorcycle claimed to scale in at a barely believable 342 pounds dry. Combined with a hot-rodded version of the already-exotic 1199R engine, the Superleggera has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any street-legal motorcycle.

As noted in the article linked above, lightweight components – especially structural ones – always cost more than heavier ones. From iron to steel to aluminum to magnesium and titanium and carbon fiber, lighter stuff simply costs more. In the case of the Superleggera, the cost is a rather exorbitant $65,000 if you can find one. Just 500 Superleggeras were built, and we understand there’s less than a handful remaining at North American dealers.

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