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    sold...hopefully a gixxer next year

    katana - gsxr

    i own a katana 600 and my back hurts sometimes (cuz i have a bad back), do u guys think it would be a really bad idea to buy a gsxr as my next bike?

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    a gixxer can be pretty taxing on the back

    if you can, take one out for a test ride... 20 mins or so and see how you feel.
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    get a honda~
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    I have always had gixxers. And I've only been riding since a double discectomy for two sequestrated discs. That's two ruptures discs with nerver damage etc. I started riding 8 months post operation. Not bad. .

    But I ride my gixxer 1000 in a gp stance every day. If your back is sore you migh not be riding right. Grip teh tank some more. Loosen up on the bars. Relax, don't be so stiff. Move the balls of your feet to the best position on the pegs.

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    you might want to try a pair of riser bar's on the GSX-R it is quite a bit more comfy, or go to a semi flat bar. there are some made in the states call'd "Heli Bar's" way to much money though.
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