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    RIP: The Onion

    So I go to check out The Onion today and it's headlines are a shittily disguised Hillary Clinton media blowie the likes of which Lewinski herseft would struggle to compete with.

    Long story short, a quick Google informs me it was bought by Hilliery's top financial supporter, and now it's crap. And that sucks.
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    welp, that's that I guess. I was a good run for them

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    When you have George Soros and middle eastern and russian billionaires paying your way, you can afford anything.

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    Yea. All media is pretty much pwned. Around 10 or so corporations own 90% of everything.
    Even the liberal darling vice is owned 20% a&e which is owned by the Hearst corp and freakin Disney.
    It starts to make the cbc look good. At least you know where their bread is buttered without a bloody research project.

    Dunno if I'd worry too much about the onion. I don't think it's supposed to be substantive stuff. Personally, I never read their political pieces. I don't know the process or the actors well enough to understand the satire.

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    Never heard of the onion.
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