i would just like to thank...
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Thread: i would just like to thank...

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    i would just like to thank...

    i would just like to thank all the support i'm gettin on BCSB, especially from
    FRA aka. RWR, he has been helpin me and teachin me soooooo much lately. THANX BROTHER!

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    OMG, RWR got a "lang".

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    Hey hey! thanks bro.

    I do my best to help out everyone where i can.

    Everyone...DESPITE my constant dumbass comments has continued to see through it all and help ME when i needed it..and they continue to do so.
    It's only fair to reciprocate the love.

    Everyone here's pretty tight with helping out members.
    It's the main reason that keeps myself (as i'm sure many others) coming back each and every day.

    I'm more then happy to help anyone who requires information where i feel i can contribute helpful pointers.

    believe it or not...i'm not just a pretty face

    I must say... You've been a great "student" . haha
    Not everyone seems to digest all i've shared with you.
    A.D.D must be rampant!

    You Mikey , are an awesome guy yourself...and i believe you'll find yourself turn out to be a great asset to future members as well as those who've welcomed you.

    Ride on , Ride strong, Ride safe and you'll Ride Long.
    (wow..i even made that up! )

    "Keep it real soul brutha"

    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
    – Albert Hubbard

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    this site is really great for people helping out...

    oh ya and wasting time at work.
    Team Troll - Triple T

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    Originally posted by toomuchgsxr

    oh ya and wasting time at work.

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