too many limp wrists in lower mainland
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Thread: too many limp wrists in lower mainland

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    too many limp wrists in lower mainland

    pretty sad, the level of support for the race scene here in the lower mainland. there is some incredible flat track racing coming up this weekend, not only at hannegan but also in chilliwack. there have been two posts about the races this week (mon, wed) regarding the races this weekend locally, yet there have been less than 100 views and only two responses other than the postee to those posts. thats pitiful boys and girls, there are almost 2800 members here, less than 1% show of interest. we can forget getting a proper track here with such little support shown for the racers that we do have.

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    Hey man...did you ever stop to think that maybe some of us have other responsibilities ....and/or can't afford to race?

    You're aware that you need a race bike for the track...or can at least risk trashin your means of transportation?

    some of us just aren't set up for that yet.....i guess you've already seen that due to the show of interest.

    also keep in mind, that those who are in the know with the racing events most likely can't be bothered to post up any comments cuz they know what they're doin anyways.

    just a thought.

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    hey rwr;
    i am refering to an apparent lack of support for the racing scene. all one must do is attend the races to show support. i have heard a lot of whining about the lack of a proper venue here but dont see the whiners putting their money where their mouths are.

    please refer to any part of the posts made that says you need to be a racer or have a race bike? just go to the show

    the lack of interest is clearly shown by the number of views/replies as indicated on the post index page. consider it a poll wherein it reflects the mindset of a particular group.

    true a racer knows whats going on, one would think they (racers) would be sure to have their events listed everywhere. the higher the attendance is, the more money can go towards purses and track improvements. bigger purses draw even more racers creating awesome racing for the fans.


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    I thought the races where the same weekend as the Indy (next weekend not this one)?

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    would you rather i replied to say I have no interest?

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    i disagree totally with what you are saying. There is tons of interest in racing. Just look at the support the westwood club is receiving from volunteer corner workers to race/ART school participants.

    I think you might have to see how/why anybody would be interested in chasing around each other in a circle when they can turn both ways.

    I dont know much about flat tracking, but if I did, I would be more interested in it than I am now.

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    Flat track is pimp, more skill than road racing.

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    I think it's fair to say that the majority of sportbike riders (and I say majority, not all), don't enjoy NASCAR. That's not they're style of racing, we woudln't be riding sportbikes otherwise.

    As much as I'd love to support all types, I only have so much time and effort I can put into one thing as an individual. But I totally support what you're saying.
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    Re: too many limp wrists in lower mainland

    Originally posted by Crazyhorse
    ... there are almost 2800 members here, less than 1% show of interest.
    Well, CHILL OUT.

    When people are not showing interest in something, there be must reasons behind it. Instead of coming on the board and bitch and calling us "lame wrist" and such, may be we can spend some time figuring out why?? Just because the members here "happened" to ride a bike does not automatically make them flat track racing fans. And may i ask how many of us here would like to go to a Harley bike show??? Just like i love Formula one racing but i hate fucking NASCRAP, are they similar racing just because they share a steering wheel and 4 tires??

    As SMZ put it, if you want people to come support the races, you better spend some time EDUCATING us why we should do that (ie. like show us interesting photos, or tell us about the trick equipment etc) but not come screaming at us after the fact like a 5 year old kid.

    ps FYI i do not hate flat tracking at all (would love to try it someday and i do motoX) but it is the way you communicate here creates the problem. MY 2cents.
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    i didn't even know about it... but i would really want to watch a race/ or participate but i don't have my racing licence yet until next year probably

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    Flat tracking does req skill no doubt. but i think most of the race fans on this board favour the glamour and glitz of circuit racing and big name brats

    where is Hennegan? I completely missed these races posts.

    Now if you post some Trials events.... those are cool!
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    If you think turning left takes skill, try turning right sometime

    I like riding the dirt tracks once in awhile. But its not that hard to do. An afternoon or two of track time on an XR100 gets you all basic skills you need to ride 'em wit Style . As fun as it is, unless you know someone in the race, its boring as shit to watch.

    If you like to run does that mean you have to sit around and watch marathons to show your loyalty to the sport.

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    I would assume most people on this forum enjoy sportbikes, seeing as how it is BCSportbikes. And as such, there is a good level of support for the Westwood club and the races organized at Mission.

    Personally, I enjoy watching most forms of motorcycle racing like roadracing, motocross, supercross, enduros (Paris - Dakar style), trials, but not really flattrack or speedway (Euro flattrack). Flattrack is fun on an XR but I doubt I'd pay to watch it unless a friend was competing or something. Just my opinion.

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    What makes you automatically assume that people who ride sportbikes would be interested in flat track racing ?
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    I used to enjoy watching Speedway when I lived in England. I actually found it to be a better live spectator sport than road racing, because you never lost sight of the rider for the whole race. They used to do it in teams, so you were always rooting for your team to win each race, like a hockey game or whatever. I used to support the Ellesmere Port "Gunners". Each week, four riders, two per team, would do a four lap race. First place got 3 points, second got 2 points, third got 1 point. Sometimes out team won, and sometimes we didn't, but it was always a really great time.

    I would like to check out this flat track racing sometime since it's the closest thing to Speedway I think I will find.
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