Armour Bodies track bodywork - experience
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Thread: Armour Bodies track bodywork - experience

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    Armour Bodies track bodywork - experience

    This was my first AB superbike set, and coming from Hotbodies i was really looking forward to a better fitting kit. And, unfortunately, it couldn't have started any worse. I began with the easiest - front fender. After fidling with it for an hour, i couldn't even get it to clear the tire let alone the tire warmer. The best i could do is to get a whopping 3mm of clearance at the front and 4mm at the back. I wouldn't even clear old rubber clumps on my Pirelli Pros - just worked like a cheese grader scraping everything off the surface of the tire. A friend of mine said "should have gone with Sharkskinz..." so i put it aside and moved onto the tail section - 2nd easiest. So another 1hr+ later, i can't figure out why there are only two mounting points at the end of the seat pad, sort of in the middle of the tail section, which now causing the entire section to rock. You can imagine my wife's comment "is this a proper fit?" when she came out to look at my progress, didn't really help lol.
    So i left it rocking and decided to email AB directly. Meanwhile looking for a used fender and tail on ebay...To my little suprise, i got almost an immediate response from AB's customer service team who mentioned they are also forwarding my inquiry onto the owner of the company. This morning, i got a call from a chinese # - thats the owner of the company! He is in southern China working on a project with a race team over there and calling me to address the issues i had. I kid you not! I was speechless. We had talked thru my questions, i sent him few more pics and he confirmed that i was shipped wrong pieces - 2010 fender and old version of SB tail that has since been modified and updated to mount properly. So, the replacement parts are on the way, and he also set me up with a generous discount for a future purchase. Holly crap i was floored, because i did not expect this level of attention to my comments, at all. He genuinely wanted to hear my feedback and an opportunity to make it right. We ended up chatting over few other things that i have noticed, which weren't a bid deal, but he wanted details. this should be in a text book - exemplary customer service. (unlike a "reputable" local WA susspension shop that is taking 4 weeks to respring my forks and could give two flying burritos about even calling me to let me know that my job has been delayed... but that's the material for another review)

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    nice to know, been thinking about ordering a piece from them myself. their shipping prices are ridiculous though.
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    I got an AB set for my SV650 10 years ago.

    The fit was decent but it wasn't a 100% bolt-on either.

    At the time I was convinced *i* was doing something wrong, but in hindsight, I realize they just didn't make the mounting holes perfectly and I could have saved a lot of time with a drill and adding my own.
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