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    New to the area from San Diego. Maybe spoiled from weather, racing WSMC and an endless supply of sporty road riding available, but I'm sure BC has it's share. Went up to Pemberton and it was a joke. Super busy, rough, oily, and anything to get yer knee down on would be 100+ mph, with busses and motorhomes coming the other way. Yikes! Not smart. Any ideas? Maybe the interior? Full day of scratchin', 200+ mile day rides is the idea.

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    First, pickup the Destination Highways book - it rates all the best routes throughout BC.

    Second, come through the Okanagan and ride (a) Vernon to Nakusp - using Highway 6, the Monashee Pass Highway, and east side of Arrow Lake; (b) Kelowna to Rock Creek to Osoyoos (using Highways 33 and 3); (c) Kaslo to Creston, using Highways 31 and 3A). These should blow you away. Usually light traffic, awesome twisties, and areas suitable for speedplay.

    I'm sure the Vancouver crowd have some good routes which aren't subject to constant heavy traffic - probably Duffey Lake Road from Whistler to Lillooet.

    Welcome to British Columbia. Out of curiosity, what would bring you from San Diego to BC? Hope things go well for you.

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    Andrew's got the right idea. I have a copy of DH and it's a great book. You're one of the few guys here with an Aprilia!
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    Thanks for the info! FYI Scotsman, had an opportunity as Creative/Marketing Director for a local Vancouver apparel company (Sugoi Performance Apparel)
    Thanks again.

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    You stopped in Pemberton?!? Thats where the roads start. If you need someone to show you around in the area give me a shout!
    How's YOUR split time?

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    I'm amazed american road riders even bother to get suits with knee sliders onthem...the way your guys cops hammer it to you, is un-fuggin-believable.

    I guess one gets to know where the cops are likely to be though.

    Like most things in Canada....the feds let the roads get overneglected.
    America's got some lovely baby-ass smooth roads....go to Van. Island if you want to remenisce

    Keep in mind...the whole entire population of canada could fit inside new york....look at all the space inbetween our highways that's unihabited!

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