Watch out for debris in the corners...
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Thread: Watch out for debris in the corners...

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    Watch out for debris in the corners...

    ...crap. I hate looking at my bike when (1) it's not upright, (2) it's in the middle of the road and (3) I'm also in the middle of the road, but I'm not on the bike.

    It seems that the fellows resurfacing the road one over from the one we live on have been parking their equipment in front of our house at night. This has resulted in lots of dust, rocks, semi-hardened tar and asphalt, and assorted other crap being all over the street.

    At least I was only going 30km/h or so, and it was a lowside, after all - also on the cheap side (phew, no exhaust to replace)... but man, the fairings are all scratched up (not cracked or scraped through though, woo hoo)!

    Ah well, we pays our money and we takes our chances. This is the price of our sport, friends.

    I'll post some pictures later, but for now I'm going to relax. I'm going to thank Steve from Over the Top ( ) in advance, since he's going to weld the case cover and straighten the clutch lever for me.

    Nothing wrong with new racing clip-ons, I suppose - the good part about crashing is replacing the broken bits with trick ones.

    Shiny side up, all...

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    damn - and at such a low speed too. What would you do differently now besides going slower through that?
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    OUCH.... Sorry to hear about your troubles. And at that low a speed I presume you were even trying to be careful too... DANG.

    Keep them eyes peeled open for changes or other discolourations that MAY be a clue to things not being as you always remembered or expected. If in doubt slow down.... a lot. You can always drag knee on the way back... if that's your forte.
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    I take it you didn't have sliders , Matt?

    I'll never be caught without sliders again.

    I too had the same experience from those FUCKING ASSHOLE ROAD CREW WORKERS.

    Remember all the threads when i laid down my baby due to the pricks not havin a sign up to say about the gravel?

    I REALLY don't see why you should have to eat that too.
    it's not an act of god, it's an act of carlessness on their part.

    I"M FUGGIN FUMING...about your bike too!

    Need anyone to witness saying they saw it happened, i'm more then willing to purger myself.


    Rant OVER!!!

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