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    Thumbs up ART course

    Just wanted to say thanks to the team of WCSS (West coast Superbike School) Troy, Gio, Mark and especially Kathy my instrcutor.

    The ART course was a blast and highly recommended for all levels of riders. Meet some cool peeps and did some scrapping.

    Will definitely be back!

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    Gear whore Array Kamui's Avatar
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    i wholeheartedly agree!

    all the instructors were awesome.. Mark was totally hardcore.. and FAST! duct tape holding his gear together..

    had many firsts during that class!
    first (and only) knee down!
    first mini stoppie, first mini wheelie.. yes i suck

    had a blast and learned tons.. met some really cool people too. recommended for anyone!

    i'll post pics as soon as i get them uploaded.
    (o'.'o) Thanks to Twinbros Racing for my avatar!

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    i took it last month, and had a blast. Had Tim for tradex, he was cool, and had Mark for mission.

    it's a addiction, tthhee traccckkk is caaallllliinnnggg mmeeeeeee.... must get ready....
    BCSB- Moderator

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    kamui, make sure you realize the difference between a controlled environment, and a street.

    glad you had fun and got some knee :P

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    The course is absolutely great...... Thanks for all the instructor, and Kathy for sure. She caught my first crash on video while she following me.... and seems everyone enjoy reviewing that parts of video.. hahahaha.....

    And i need to thank Kamui's girlfriend and his friend that take alot of nice pics for me.... really thankz a lot.

    And i meet lots of new and nice guys like Kal, Gary, Justin in my group, they are all fast in the morning and even faster in the afternoon.....

    For me as a newbie... only have 3500km on my bike, i did learn a lot from this course.

    I did have some first time on this course too like Kamui.
    My first little stoppie.....
    first bike down....

    I'll take this course again coz it has too much fun.......(fun doesn't mean dropping my bike)

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