BCSB gone to hell
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Thread: BCSB gone to hell

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    BCSB gone to hell

    man, today was my first time posting in a few months, and browsing around i find more personal vendettas than actual sportbike chat. a few posts follow the thread and from then on it's a flame throwing war. when i joined i was proud to be a BCSB member. now, i won't even recomend it. sad to say, but BCSB has gone BCBS if you ask me. peace out. just ride and screw the net, i'll check in in a few months.

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    blah blah blah, just take it for what it is...

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    don't bother checking back.
    it's never gonna be the one-big-happy-family-so-lets-all-ride-together atmosphere you seek.
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