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    bc safety council

    hey i got a question and i was wonderin if anyone new anything about the bc safetfy council, i missed my first day riding info and the guy told me that i cant ride but should transfer into a later course now im wondering if anyone knows if i have to pay the fee again or just pay some sort of transfer fee ?

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    Call 'em up, they might charge you a small transfer or "Missed appointment" fee but they shouldn't charge you for the whole course all over again.
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    If you missed the night class for theory, I'm pretty sure they won't wont charge you to reschedule your lessons. But if you missed your first day of riding lessons, then I think they might charge because they can't fill that spot anymore, not sure though.

    What I can tell you is that my friend was sick the day before her riding lessons and she phoned them up to reschedule and they were cool with it.. only bad thing was that she had to hop back on the waiting list but that's expected.

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    naw i was just foolish and missed the first day of the actual theory and riding. but i hope they go easy on me and dont force me to pay another 4 bills but if they do i can only blame myself.

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