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    Duffey Lake Instructions

    I'm curious as to how long it will take to do the "Duffey Lake Loop" and instructions. Riding the speed limit and maybe a bit above in some sections. On the map, how long if you skip Cache Creek?

    I'm attching a map from a website. I don't actually see Duffey Lake written on the map... am I blind? Where is it?



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    duffy lake is sitting on the other side of the road from where it says joffre lakes. the whole trip if you skip cache creek will take any where from 6 to 8 hours depending on how you ride and how often you stop. try to start early if you go on a sunday because traffic from hope or whistler can really suck in the late afternoon! oh ya and watch those mid corner frost heaves and dip they can throw you off line big time.
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    Did the loop last weekend. Started at Horseshoe Bay at 8:30am, was in Whistler by 10:00am, Stopped for brunch and petrol, and then a 20 min stop at Duffy Lake and a 10 min stop at Seton Lake. Then stopped in Lillooet for 20 mins. Took Hwy 12 to Lytton and stopped 15 mins for petrol. Then took Hwy 7 to Mission and on to Abbotsford to get back to White Rock. Hit torrential rain between Harrison Mills and Mission. Still made it back to White Rock by 6:15 pm.

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    hwy 99 IS Duffy Lake Road.
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    I did the loop yesterday after a ride to Earl's Cove with Shooter and Xander was aborted. I wanted to make good time, so my only breaks were gas stops in Pemberton, Lillooet (only because I needed to use the john) and Hope. I left New West at 0630 and arrived home at just before 2pm. Of the 7.5 hours, at least 7 were in the saddle.

    I took it easy all the way to Whistler as the roads were mostly damp. Past Whistler the roads dried out so I opened up a little, but I don't know the roads that well so nothing extreme. On the Duffy Lake road I took it easy again, wary of gravel and heaves.

    From Lillooet to Lytton and down the Fraser canyon I really opened it up, spending most of the time at 160 and above. I really love that Lillooet-Lytton stretch -- warm air, fast sweepers and great visibility through most of the corners.

    From Hope I took the #1, then took the Agassiz exit to take the #7 to Mission where I got back on the #1. That last freeway stretch was a friggin' nightmare -- full leathers, baking sun, slow traffic. At least the backup only went as far as 152nd.

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    My wife and I did that loop last weekend. We left home at 8:30, and arrived back at 7:00. Stopped a lot though. Took the #7 highway back (Lougheed hwy), rather than #1.

    I would have prefered to go to Spences bridge after Lytton, then Merritt, Princeton, Hope, then home. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time. In a way, I'm glad we didn't, since my bike was not designed for long distance touring.

    I agree about the road from Lillooet to Lytton, it was the best part. From Spences Bridge to Princeton is just as good too, if you have the time.
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    Originally posted by spacely
    duffy lake is sitting on the other side of the road from where it says joffre lakes.
    That's right, just before the red "99" mileage marker shown on the map.

    Most people don't know...so I keep thinking about updating my map with a big X to show "Duffey Lake is here". By the way, the picture you see on the first page of my site is Duffey Lake...but you probably won't recognize it unless you are travelling east to west on the loop (counter-clockwise).


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