RIP Michael Czysz
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Thread: RIP Michael Czysz

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    RIP Michael Czysz

    Much like Britten, a visionary is lost. Highly recommend 'Charge' on netflix to gain some perspective on his accomplishments.

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    Too bad, I always found his found prototype to be quite interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMR View Post

    Much like Britten, a visionary is lost. Highly recommend 'Charge' on netflix to gain some perspective on his accomplishments.
    I second this. Watch Charge and you won't regret it. A buddy of mine is a techy guy but is not a motorcycle enthusiast. He thoroughly enjoyed the film even though he has no interest in bikes.

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    rest in peace.. seen the name here n' there, as noted above on Charge, yet to enjoy but of course i'll be downloading asap

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    Huge loss to motorcycle innovation in the industry I fear. Sad day indeed.
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    He was the lead instructor at a Laguna Seca race school I attended.

    He was a very memorable guy. I really enjoyed hearing him talk about the physics of the bikes and riding. His passion was evident.

    I always hate seeing somebody that seems to so fully enjoy life have it taken away too soon.

    He was also definitely fast!

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    Big loss to motorcycling. The ambition and drive he had. An Elon Musk of the MC world.

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    Another loss to the world of motorcycling. Tragic and far too early.
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