road between Lillooet and Cache creek...
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Thread: road between Lillooet and Cache creek...

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    road between Lillooet and Cache creek...

    Is this road(Lillooet to Cache Creek via Pavilion) paved and if so what condition is it in?.

    If the weather co-operates,I plan to be on it sunday morning sometime.

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    I did this road last year, it was AWESOME! the road was clean when I did it, and it's pretty much smooth pavement, nothing beat up bad or anything.
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    same condition this year (as of a coupel weeks ago). liek CG said, it's pretty much smooth, but it does have man places where it gets pretty rough for a few meters. it aint no racetrack in other words. but i'v never come across any serious dirt or gravel on the road and no major potholes.

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    Just got off it 15 mins ago. Clean and next to no traffic, have fun!

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