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    I have a quick question.. I had a minor low side on my bike yesterday.. i need all new body work on that side.. and a clutch lever but thats it.. my bike did slide down the roasd under some dudes truck,. who claims he will not phone icbc due to minor scratches on his trailor hitch.. now i called icbc and they want to assess my bike and me pay 300 to fix it, am i better off not going through icbc to fix my bike and getting parts from a bike wrecker and fixing it myself (along with some experienced friends)? Because I really do not need super expensive insurance and if that other guy doesn't claim then i should be fine right? IF anyone could offer me some info that would be great, as well as I also would like to know who fixes bikes around here (bodywork), i've only been riding 2 months...

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    if its an 88 hurricane, your better off buying used plastic and installing yourself. Its really easy to do. You really don't want your rates to jump for such an accident. Call someonelike Marbod @ MSpeed for details or quoting @ 604-294-3354.

    I think your rates would go up higher per year then the cost of a used fairing/parts.
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    look for some plastic on e bay...keep the insurance down, do it yourself.
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    yup. ebay or bike wrecker. the spread out cost of you insurance premium each year will add up to way more than what you could o it for yourself. time to take all the plastic off and learn how it goes on and do it yourself. bikes are sooooooooooo easy to work on.
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