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    The Edge

    Question need some help

    Hey guys,

    I just subscribed to this website - I love it!! thanks for providing a site that is local and shares the same addictions I have!!

    Well, my questions are the following regarding my '89 GSXR 750.

    My front brakes seem to be irratic - they seem to brake on and off and it makes it a really scarry ride. I checked the rotors and they don't have any deep grooves in them. There is still about 40% left on the pads and the rotors and not warped. The only thing I haven't done yet is change the brake fluid. I'm wondering if the guy who installed the rotors in the first place installed them backwards - is there a specific way the rotors go on?? Can you tell by the pattern of the cross drilling??

    My second question: do you guys know where I can find a rear eliminator kit for my bike?? would you know how much this kit would be??

    and my final question: does anyone have, know of where I can get the service manual for this bike?? how much??

    Thanks for all your help with my newbie questions guys. Love the site.

    The Edge.

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    Ya there should be a directional arrow on your rottor but really the offsetting makes it kinda hard to put them on backwards. As for a undertail/hugger look around they can be found colour matched /w lights for around $250-400 US. Pick up any bike mag and look through the adds in the back

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    I think we could use a little more description of the conditions you have when you think they are being erratic. Like do they grab one time but not the next? Do they pulse when dragged lightly and then try to lock with a little more pressure? Or do they seem to have little power up to a certain pressure level and then grab like a stick in the spokes? Or do they grab at one pressure level and then release at another?

    Perspiring minds need to know these things.

    And a bonny great welcome to the site.... <-- (standard greeting)
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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    The Edge
    It is just as you described it TeeTee. they pulse lightly when braking lightly and then try lock up when you brake harder. the best way to describe it is like having abs on my bike - some scarry stuff. I already asked the Suzuki dealership close to me (CR Cycle) and they want $400 per rotor and about $100 for new brake pads. I don't know if that is the problems though. I'm wondering if the brake cyclinder could need replacing or if I have an airlock in the brake lines.

    Any input would help, thanks.

    The Edge.

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