Misfiring /Bogging down R1
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Thread: Misfiring /Bogging down R1

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    Misfiring /Bogging down R1

    Just got an R1, its a 98 with only 17xxxKms on it.. has apparently been serviced as it should have, at the proper times.
    It has a full Akrapovic system (headers/pipe), and has apparently been jetted accordingly.

    It looks SUPER clean, and runs really well, EXCEPT for when its in low RPM's in any gear and I give it a lot of throttle. If gradual throttle is applied it powers up strong with no problems, but when opened up at low RPMs it bogs down, or hesitates for a few seconds, then picks up and accelerates fine. There is also a slight hesitation at higher RPMs .

    My first reaction was plugs.. so last night i replaced them. It turns out they were only 2xxxKms old, but had not been gapped properly. It runs BETTER now.. not as much hesitation.. but still does it.

    I have a few speculations:

    1) with this exhaust the bike needs to be jetted for higher Rpms, and therefore has problems at lower RPMs?
    2) its tuned for higher elevations as the bike is from van and i am in vic?
    3) Plug wires
    4) valves
    5) carbs need to be sync'd
    6) needs to be rejetted (perhaps with an ivans kit or something along that line)

    sorry this was so long, any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Should probably have the carbs cleaned/synch'd/inspected regardless just to make sure all is well in that department. Then look into whether or not your fuel screws/needles are too lean/rich causing that bog. Sounds like your mains might be just a hair off too if it hesitates up top.

    Probably going to save yourself a lot of time and effort if you just go do a quick pull on VPR's dyno and get a better idea, then make some changes based on the readings and see where that gets you.
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    It's red and got two wheels and I think it has a engine
    This may also be due to the removal of the EXUP valve when the full exhaust system was installed.

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    GET THE IVANS KIT FOR SURE its awsome.

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    This R1 not so fast, suckah.
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