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    Thumbs up Pizza and Beer!

    Yes it's true, Pizza and Cold beer!

    To any BCSB member who owns a truck or van and his willing to help me move this Sunday July 27th.

    So far I have one volunteer but still need another person with a truck or van.

    Will be moving at around 12:00 P.M. Sunday from Alberni and Cardero to just down the street, still on Alberni just past Denman, right by Lost Lagoon.

    Don't have much to move, should not take more than two hours, tops!

    If you can help, PM me and I will give more details.


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    No Truck ... but strong back. I'd help out an old man like you for a slice and a brew.
    When speeding run from the cops, it's a lesser infraction.

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    Thumbs up Thanks Dude!

    Hey Pete!

    Thanks for the offer to help!

    So I managed to find a pickup truck, fellow Vrom rider is gonna let me use his truck.

    But I still may need your help.

    Seeing that you have a strong back for a little dude, Mighty Mouse!

    Ha! Ha!

    Just Kidding!

    I appreciate the offer, how can I reach you , don't have any of your numbers?

    You can call me at work 604 737-4107 or home 604 408-8431.

    Thanks and Cheers!

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    i like free beer!

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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    I know I already said it!

    But just wanted to let all the BCSB members how cool and great guys Good ol Pete (Pete) and Motorcycle Man (Paul) are.

    I really appreciate you guys coming thru for me and giving me a hand moving on Sunday.

    The way it should be, BCSB's sticking together and helping each other.

    Love your new bike Pete, sweet ride!


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