Where to buy RV awning kit?
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Thread: Where to buy RV awning kit?

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    Where to buy RV awning kit?

    I tried internet searches and came up with a few places. You can't buy direct so that means going through the dealer listings and trying to get a response... I did find what I'm looking for on the Campingworld.com website but they are pricey and charge for shipping - I would rather just pick up.

    So recommendations for LMD or even PNW RV places to buy a complete awning kit? I was thinking I could even pick it up on the way to the Ridge next trip.

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    Fraserway rv in Abbotsford .
    They are HUGE
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    Try Oconner RV. Wally from Big top works there now. or any other RV stores along the main drag in Langley, Lots of Rv places out in Chilliwack. I got a place in PoCo Meridian RV near me. If you wait until the fall everything goes on sale for cheap, now is the peal time to buy Rv stuff.
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