Suzuki Tu250x aftermarket parts?
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Thread: Suzuki Tu250x aftermarket parts?

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    Suzuki Tu250x aftermarket parts?


    Been searching for a while (online). Is there any where local where I can get after market parts for a Suzuki Tu250x?

    Specifically cafe racer parts?


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    What parts specifically? Just off the top of my head, I'm thinking most ot the standard cafe treatment you do to that bikes is going to be universal fit parts being fit to the bike.

    If you want online, stuff below will be expensive, but also top quality and unique. Usually if you spend enough Takashi Takase (or Mr T. as we call him on the CB forum) will work out combined shipping deals. I've bought lots of bits for my CB1100 from them.

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    Take off the fender, turn the bars upside down, take off the mufflers, and a bit of plywood for the seat.. done..

    Other than that.. im sure sunrise motors or sunset w/e its called can help ya.. bill could probably make it for you too..*

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