Rule #57: Do Not Ride Behind Morons
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Thread: Rule #57: Do Not Ride Behind Morons

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    Rule #57: Do Not Ride Behind Morons

    You know better than to ride around trucks any longer than absolutely necessary, but a far more insidious danger is the unprofessional vacationista whose load-securing skills are often primitive. Whenever you see somebody towing a boat, a trailer, or especially a boat or a trailer with a bunch of other junk strapped onto or around it, expect this to happen and ride accordingly, i.e., nowhere around it. Especially not behind it. That goes double for the bane of Southern California motorists, the gardening truck, which is often a rolling obstacle course of weedwackers, rakes, and aluminum ladders yearning to break free. If you see someone holding a mattress to his roof with one hand out the window, know you’ll be the one most likely to take a nap if you’re silly enough to ride behind him

    This rider got back up; we wish him a speedy recovery.
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    I'll be honest. In all my travel in the interior I've seen the grid road cops with more people pulled over re stacking their travel trailers than anything else.
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    unfortunately you cannot fix stupid but you can kill them and their offspring
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