1996 Cbr 900rr??
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Thread: 1996 Cbr 900rr??

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    1996 Cbr 900rr??

    I checked one of these out out at Sea to Sky motorsports on 56th ave in Langley, they want $6870.00 after taxes, it has 30000km and comes with a HJC cl-12 helmut. The bike is in extremely great shape and has never been dropped, raced or stolen, it belonged to a older dude who was the first and only owner, he traded it in for a cruiser cuz his wife didnt like sitting up that high riding beeotch. It has a brand new rear and front ires and perfect shape.

    what are your guys 2cents on this bike??

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    Sounds like a nice bike. I've never dealt with them but it sounds really talked up. It seems that there's a lot of hot bikes out there ridden by an 'old man' who just sold it because he got tired or scarred of it or his wife made him.Without seeing the bike I would say if it all looks that clean, and has been well maintained, it could be an all right deal. Obviously you will have to take their word for it for some of it but you need to ask lots of questions and check out as much as you can when your talking that kind of money and that type of bike. Did the shop do a thurough inspection. Do they have any warantee with the bike?

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    The "old dude" story !! Why does that sound really odd to me?? Maybe 'cause an old dude would rather buy a sport tourer, than a hardcore sport bike. Well, you never know...
    Check the sprockets and the chain. After decent old dude riding they shouldn't be too worn out, but not new either. If they seem new they just replaced the very worn out ones from the previous "stunt" owner.

    My 2 cents

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    The Honda motors are indestructible. 30,000 clicks is nothing as long as it was ridden somewhat regularly and the oil was changed regularly. At seven years old, that's only 4,285 kilometres on average a season. Sounds fine to me if the guy could only get out for a few sprints around the block each week
    Sounds like a good deal. Do check the sprockets though.
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    the sales dude showed me all the paper work and i swear there must have been like 100 reciepts for regular oil changes and stuff, the chain and sprockets look pretty good, all the work slips are from wholeshots

    i guess i should ask Evil-E if he knows about the bike cuz he works there eh

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