Experiencing Vertigo? /w motorcycles
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Thread: Experiencing Vertigo? /w motorcycles

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    Experiencing Vertigo? /w motorcycles

    Hi guys, I rode 7 years ago or so and stopped. During these couple years I've been experiencing vertigo. I just picked up a bike and rode it today and felt dizzy, nauseous. Is this normal for someone with vertigo? Is there a way to recover from this, or is this permanent (not the dizziness, the vertigo). It is something I can bare for now but is it going to get worse? I really do not want to give up riding.

    Your experience is welcome...

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    It's not normal to feel dizzy and nauseous on a motorbike (for someone without vertigo), and frankly, if those are symptoms you're experiencing on a bike, you're not really someone I would want to be around as a fellow road user (on motorbike, vehicle, or as a pedestrian). I'd suggest talking to a doctor about whether or not you're safe to be operating machinery before hopping on your bike again. Sadly, it may not be the best place for you.

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    I get sick on the bike in the beginning of every riding season. I'm just not used to the motions that the bike makes. I just choose a quiet time to go out on my first run of the season and I take my time. I make sure I'm fully rested and hydrated and not right after a meal. After a couple of times on the road my brain resets to riding mode and it goes away.

    The same goes for me if I'm a passenger of a vehicle. I get sick. This symptoms is common for people that drive all day. They just need to be in total control/aware of the motions. That's why Doctors always check the ears of someone who complains about Vertigo. It's the ears that affect your balance and tells your brain what you should be feeling.*

    My suggestions:
    1)**If you haven't already done so, go see a doctor about your vertigo. Find out why you're getting them. Is it ear problems? Or is it something more serious like an old head injury.

    2) Try another helmet. Maybe there's a smell in the liner or something that you're allergic to that went into the helmet. *Or could be that the wind noise that specific helmet makes around your ears, makes you sick.

    3) Listen to your body. If you go riding and you get sick pull over immediately.*

    Let us know how it goes.*

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    vertigo on a motorcycle = no bueno.

    Quote Originally Posted by Land Roving
    Life is too short to own ugly motorcycles.

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    Vancitymike's ideas ring true to me. Do some googling on the topic, but above all, go see a doctor. You will probably get referred to an Ears, nose and throat specialist.

    Balance issues originate from the ears, usually.

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