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I'm selling some two-piece Spyke Eagle and 4 Race suits at over 50% off retail.

Eagle suits I have in white/blue/red, sizes 54 and 58 (Euro) and a white /blue/blue in a 52. The price is $450 US.

The 4 Race suit I have is black/yellow/white, size 56 and is selling for $550.

I have one new, one-piece Vortex (perfed, size 58) in bright red/black/white, and I'm selling it for $699. I also have a blue/red/white size 60 that I've worn twice that I'll sell for a little less-$625.

All the stuff: Italian made, CE rated armor, Kevlar inserts, speed hump, knee pucks, etc.

I'll try to attach photos. If I can't manage that, PM me with your e-mail address and I'll get them to you.